Welcome to the KeopsPyramid Cattery.

We are the first cattery in France to breed exclusively
BRONZE Egyptian Maus.
And the only cattery in France to offer you
an Egyptian Mau Bronze in all its nuances ...

Our breeding works with the bronze Egyptian Mau cats from the two bronze lines: the Egyptian line called "cold" with more natural colors (black spots contrasting on a beige-camel coat) and the Indian line called "hot" with more copper colors and brightness (a more coppery beige-camel coat with dark brown spots).

My husband (Frederic), my daughter (Emma) and I (Marylene) are pleased to present you our cattery.

The KheopsPyramid Cattery was born on  July 15th, 2007 with the arrival of a beautiful little bronze female Egyptian Mau: Chéopseth-Chiara de l'Arbre Perché called "Chiara". We were immediately captivated by her elegant beauty, her grace and elegance. Coming from the "Egyptian" line her beige-taupe coat color with natural black spots has a perfect contrast. Her outstanding personality, her intelligence, her sweetness and affection brings us every day wonderful moments of joy and tenderness.

Later came to join her : " her Charming Prince ": Sir Chantina'Tumaini (August,17th, 2008) and two beautiful little females, sisters: Natango's Denderah-Douchka and Natango's Divine Shani (November,16th and 20th 2008). The three of them coming from the "Indian" line, they have a beige coat more copper, with large brown spots. Their golden reflections give them a special glowing beauty. They have very endearing personalities, they are really close to us, big cuddles beggars and incredible small purring engines," true "Maus d'Amour ...

We specially thank the two breeders who made this wonderful adventure possible: Christelle Cailleux : cattery de l'Arbre Perché (France) and Heiderose Horn  : cattery Natango (Germany). Thanks to both of you for the confidence you have placed in me by allowing me to purchase these wonderful cats, thanks for your advices that were very valuable to me.

Our goal today is to help the development of this prestigious but too rare breed.
The work of the bronze color of the Egyptian Mau is particularly close to our heart. This color, in fact, perhaps by its more natural appearance or by its wild side is specially appealing to us..

These different lines of bronze (Egyptian known as "cold" and Indian known as “hot”) married individually or together offer shades of such richness that we have chosen exclusively to work with this color.
Preserving the "hot" bronze color is a priority because much harder to obtain and preserve.
You will find information concerning these two lines, their history, their description and their contributions in the "Egyptian Mau” section

Our cattery is registered to the LOOF (Chatterie de la Grande Pyramide) and  the CFA (KeopsPyramid Cattery)
Our four reproducing cats are registered to LOOF and CFA . So it is possible for our kittens to have a LOOF pedigree and a CFA one , known world wild .

We will avoid to the maximum inbreeding and hope with a rigorous, diligent work and wise marriages to offer you one day bronzes Maus of all shades, either very hot or clearer (color we also love and are willing to keep).

Our cats are raised in family, the three girls live with us , have access to all apartment rooms and enjoy a great pergola protected because we live on the sixth floor. Tumaini, our male lives in Belgium with my parents where he enjoys a big house, shamefully spoiled by my retired parents, who give him a lot of time and love.

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We hope that you’ll find this site’s visit very pleasant, and that it will give a motivated interest for the Egyptian Mau and will help you in his approach and his knowledge.

Marylene Roulier-Monlezun

CETAC (Certificat d'Etudes Techniques de l'Animal de Compagnie), cat option No. C-759