Our cattery was  born on july  15th, 2007 with the arrival of our first female Bronze Egyptian Mau

 Chéopseth-Chiara de l'Arbre Perché

Chiara "our sublime princess", from the Egyptian lines was the first cattery "member". Her arrival fulfilled our hearts with joy, and soothed our grief after Coeurette’s death, our first and previous cat (see Memorial).

Our cattery has expanded on  August 17th,2008, with the arrival of our first male:

Sir Chantina Tumaini


Tumaini magnificent male from the Indian lines, with flamboyant coppery colors has come to join his "fiancée".

November 16th,2008, was another moment of great emotion:
We welcomed with a great joy our second member from the Indian lines, our wonderful little female kitten:

Natango’s Denderah-Douchka


Denderah, shy, delicate, precious ...

Three days of reflection, a growing regret feeling, and we decided on the fourth day, to go immediately in Germany to pick up the " darling sister " whose reservation was canceled a few days earlier. Thus, on  November 20th,2008 came:

Natango’s Divine Shani


It was with a great joy that the two sisters met again. Our "two Duchesses" as we nicknamed them because of their year of birth, were immediately adopted by Chiara and her babies.
It is a real pleasure today to watch this duet living and showing a deep love and great complicity.


Our cats presence is a delight for us every day. You can meet them in individual pages dedicated to them.